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Free Cancelation Promotion (FAQ)

Why does Fincallorca recommend a free cancellation promotion?

The coronavirus crisis has hit the entire tourism industry hard and poses new challenges. Among other things, the booking behaviour of customers has changed. Usually bookings are made one year in advance, but this year customers are very uncertain and cannot plan for the long term. Customers are looking for more flexibility and pay particular attention to the cancellation conditions of the individual travel companies.

Our general cancellation conditions are very restrictive and make it difficult for the customer to make a binding booking. The travel industry needs to rethink and adapt to the market and customer demand for free cancellation terms.

Why is the extension of the free cancellation promotion important?

Since 2.5 months now, Fincallorca customers have the opportunity to book a large selection of fincas that can be cancelled free of charge. Since then, 99% of all bookings have been made for precisely these fincas.

In addition, the latest surveys by the tourism associations show that, due to the current situation, customers only want to book accommodation this year that offers flexible and free cancellation conditions.

What are the advantages for me to participate in this promotion?

Fincallorca will invest a lot of resources in the marketing of this promotion which will be done through various channels. If you participate in the promotion your property will appear in the filter of properties with free cancellation, therefore you will have much more possibilities of receiving reservations than a property that does not offer free cancellation. At this moment clients are looking for flexibility in their reservations, thus the properties that offer free cancellation will have an important advantage in the current market.

What can I expect from this promotion?

Example: If a customer books a finca with a travel date of 10.08.2021 - 20.08.2021, then they have the option to cancel the accommodation free of charge up to 28 days before arrival.

How will my finca be promoted for this promotion?

On the Fincallorca website there will be a section/filter "free cancellation". All the fincas taking part in this promotion will appear there. Your finca will be promoted in all channels such as Google, Facebook, customer newsletter, etc.

Do I have to sign a separate contract for this?

No, because with your answer to the participation via the login area you agree to offer free cancellation for the duration of the promotion for your finca.

What does my booking confirmation look like in the context of this promotion?

The booking confirmation remains unchanged. Only a sentence will be added indicating the free cancellation. This agreement then replaces the point of the general cancellation conditions from the agency conditions

What happens if the client cancels his reservation up to 28 days before arrival?

In this case, the reservation will be cancelled free of charge and the period will be released. We will announce the cancelled period with special emphasis to rebook.

What happens if the customer cancels his booking less than 28 days before arrival?

In this case, our normal cancellation policy applies (point 6.2 of our terms and conditions: (

Until when is this promotion valid?

That depends on each owner personally. We have extended the promotion for an indefinite period, as it is currently the only way to generate bookings for the 2021 season. Each owner can decide how long he/she wants to participate in the promotion. As long as we do not receive new instructions from the owner, the finca will continue to participate. The promotion applies to bookings made during the promotion period for bookings in 2021.

Once the owner no longer wishes to offer the free cancellation, he/she can end this promotion at any time by emailing us at

Does the promotion also apply to bookings that could not take place in 2020 and were rebooked for 2021?

The promotion is valid for all NEW bookings from the moment the promotion is activated. For changes to bookings from 2020 onwards, the conditions discussed at that time apply.

Does the client have to give a reason for the cancellation in the promotional period?

No, the customer can cancel the booking free of charge up to 28 days before arrival without giving reasons.

Can I terminate my participation at any time?

You can end your participation at any time, but the promotion will continue to apply to all bookings already made during that period. To end your participation, please contact us by email: or tel: +34 871 18 01 59 / +49 521 44818476