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THE CLIENT'S ARRIVAL is coming soon (before 14.06.2020), I don't have any information from you

Many of you contact us because the arrival of the clients is imminent and we have not yet contacted you. First of all we would like to apologize about this. Due to the enormous workload, we unfortunately cannot contact customers proactively, so if the customer contacts us we will propose a change of date or a bonus.

In the most urgent cases you can also contact the customer yourself proactively. You will find the customer's email and mobile number in the booking confirmation or in the owner's area ( If the customer has further questions about date changes or cancellations you can redirect them to us (you can send an email to

However, please note that in Germany there is a "Travel Alert" until June the 14th and therefore it is very unlikely that customers will be able to travel before this date.

I have confirmed reservations in May and with travel date until the 14th of June. How should I proceed?

Since in Germany there is the "Travel Alert" until June the 14th, theoretically customers could not travel abroad, not even to Mallorca.
If you have reservations in May for which we have not yet contacted you, and for which you have not yet received the final payment, it is practically certain that these reservations will not take place, so you do not need to prepare the finca for the clients.

For reservations with a travel date in May, we will proceed as with those in March and April: we offer first the possibility of a change of dates for this or next year, or the issue of a voucher. For more detailed information on how the voucher works, changing dates and the application of the cancellation conditions in case of cancellation see the points below.

I am expecting customers from the 15th of June and the summer months. How should I proceed?

Since there are still many weeks left until June, we ask you and your customers to be a little more patient in this case: we are waiting for more official news from the relevant authorities for the time being and will inform you as soon as we have it.
We will do our best to help you and the clients as soon as possible and we hope you understand that unfortunately there is a waiting time at this moment to be able to attend to all cases.

At the moment I don't want to open the 2021 calendar. What about reservations that ask to change the date to next year?

First, we will try to propose to the client a change of dates in 2020. If the client cannot, we will have to give him the possibility to have a voucher that is valid for all the houses we have in our program, also for next year. To be able to issue this voucher we have to cancel this reservation and ask you to return the prepayment we have already given you for this reservation.

I was asked to rent long term all summer, but I already have confirmed reservations from Fincallorca for these months, when will we be able to know if they will take place or not?

Until there is official information from the competent authorities about the possibility of not being able to travel during the summer, if you want to cancel confirmed reservations the normal cancellation conditions will apply (points 10.-12. of the collaboration contract)

Information about changing the date of a booking

The first thing we will offer the client when he cannot/does not want to travel is a change of reservation dates, ideally in 2020, if he cannot, in 2021. We would very much appreciate your collaboration in accepting the change of dates for already confirmed reservations and for every change of reservation we will contact you.We will never make a change without contacting you first!

Once we confirm the change you can consider this date free in your calendar!

Due to the volume of work we receive per day there may be a delay in the delivery of new booking documents. For this reason we ask all our owners, not to send us emails asking for it. We have all the new bookings registered in the system, so they will be ignored, as the system itself warns us.

Information about issuing a travel voucher

As an alternative to a rebooking, we issue the customer a travel voucher for the amount already paid. The customer can then redeem this in the same finca until 31.12.2021 for trips until 31.12.2022.
The duration of validity of the voucher is decided by the European tourism law and not by Fincallorca.

Example of a voucher: the client paid 1500 euros for his reservation from the 1st to the 10th of May. Of these, Fincallorca charged 300 euros in commission and the rest (1200 euros) is your profit.
Since the client cannot travel now, instead of giving him back that 1500 euro, we issued him with a voucher (in this case 1500 euro) which he can use to rebook your house (just your house, no others in the program). The client will be able, for example, to book your house in October using this voucher: if in October your house is more expensive than in April, let's say for the 10 days it will cost 1700 euros instead of 1500 euros, the client will have to assume the difference in price of 200 euros (unless you don't want to give him a discount).

When the client accepts the voucher there is no date to communicate, because the client will simply use this voucher to rebook a free date from your calendar on the Fincallorca website (as if it were a new booking).

Every time we issue a voucher we have to cancel the reservation that was already confirmed (for which we issued the voucher) and send you a credit invoice for the commission you already paid us for this reservation: Why?
When the client uses this bonus, we will not charge the commission again, because it is the same booking for which we have already charged the commission once. That's why we send you a "cancellation of invoice" with a negative value, meaning that you have credit with us. Once the client books new dates with the bonus, we will send you a new commission invoice for the new booking the client makes through the bonus and we will deduct from that credit the commission you already paid us.

Application of contractual cancellation fees

In all cases of cancellation, Fincallorca's commission for cancellations remains unaffected.
Fincallorca fulfilled 100% its role as an intermediary. This includes: the mediation of the customer, investment in marketing expenses, support of the owners, preparation of documents from invoicing to the management of legal and travel documents for the customer and the owner and all communication with the customers.

Any cancellation by the client is subject to the cancellation fees according to point 6.2. of our cancellation policy (

- Cancellation with 30% fee
If the cancellation fee of 30% of the total price was applied (for all bookings that are cancelled 90 days or more before the travel date) the cancellation costs that correspond to you are those that you have already received from Fincallorca as an advance (the advance that clients must pay is 30% of the total price) from which Fincallorca has already taken its commission and transferred the rest to you, normally this is paid within a week of closing the booking.

-Cancellation with a fee of 50%, 75% or 90%
If the cancellation fee is 50%, 75% or 90% of the total price, the remaining payment will be required from the client and you will receive the money when clients have paid, less our commission (according to terms and conditions point 6.2

How to receive guests in Corona times

In our guest arrival information mail, we ask guests to contact you when they have already received their luggage. You can inform them on how you want them to check-in. If you have a key box you can leave the key there. It is advisable to disinfect the key, the box and the keyboard after each check-in/check-out. In case you receive your guests personally, keep the recommended distance and wear a face mask.

According to the information provided by the Guardia Civil, it is obligatory to continue the registration for every traveller over 14 years of age. We always send the forms to the guests asking them to have them filled in and prepared at arrival. For more information, please contact the police station corresponding to your municipality. You will find more information here:

It is highly recommended to have enough containers of disinfectant in the most frequented areas in the house, especially directly at the entrance of the house.

You can leave cleaning products such as multipurpose spray and wipes in the house. Of course, we trust you to prepare and clean your house carefully before new guests arrive. Keep in mind that a clean smell awakes confidence.

We recommend putting covers on the sofas that are easy to wash and to provide blankets and offer these to guests so that they can see that they have just been recently washed. It awakes confidence when they see that everything is carefully prepared and smells clean.

Before you say goodbye to them, show them where they can find everything they need to refill the disinfectant gel and cleaning utensils. In these times guests may prefer to clean the house themselves, while they are in the house to feel more protected and safe.

Finally, it is important to inform them about possible visits from gardeners or maintenance staff. Tell them when they are coming and how long they will be staying, and tell them that they have been informed about safety measures and that they will comply with them.

Here you can find (in Spanish) an official letter from the "Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo", which informs about the reduction of the risk of infection by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the tourism sector.

At the end of the stay you can inform them where you want them to leave the key, or you can go personally and say goodbye to them, maintaining the recommended distance.

Frequently asked questions

How can I charge ECOTASA, DEPOSIT and other EXTRA EXPENSES?

There are reasonably priced credit card readers that allow you to charge these expenses without the need for cash. If you prefer, we can ask the clients to transfer the deposit to your bank account before arrival and you return it to them by wire or in cash deducting from it the ecotasa and possible other extra expenses (e.g. air conditioning costs): the advantage of collecting the deposit in a non-cash way is that you can revise the house carefully and return the deposit after 4 labour days.

What happens if a customer gets sick during his stay?

According to the statements of the Minister of Tourism, the Balearic Islands have a total of eleven hotels that would be responsible for accommodating customers in case of a positive test without symptoms, and the Balearic Government would pay the costs.

For more information you can call the Ministry of Health of the Balearic Islands: 971 177 383

What about the garbage?

Inform your guests, leaving a written explanation in the house, where they can recycle and dispose of the garbage. Inform them that they should not leave it at the house when they check out.

What if I don't want to touch the guests' IDs?

The easiest solution is to wear gloves and disinfect your hands. You can also ask the guests to put them on the table one at a time so that you can check the details.